Design Services from Susan Castor Collection culminate in the artistic and skillful invention of good design. One place, one person, many ideas: simple. It’s a complete and varied source for your decorating needs, be it for one room or a mansion, one office or an entire complex. Design is more than the arrangement of parts, details, forms and colors. It is the creation of an environment, compete in function and style. Adherence to the finest principles of design insure the customer with a finished interior reflecting something of the owner’s personality, as well as the creative vision of the designer.


Interior design is not just “decorating.” It is changing the dimensions of space, customizing to precise requirements, and calling upon worldwide resources. Qualified Interior Designers have completed a four-year college course in design, including technical training, and have practiced for at least two years in a recognized establishment of interior design. They must have architectural training, plus a working knowledge of construction materials and techniques. They must stay abreast of current technological advancements in their field. They must be able to recruit the skills of artists, contractors, lighting designers, upholsterers, woodworkers – craftsmen of all kinds – to insure the creation of an environment suited to their clients.


Susan Castor Collection design team members know what is available and how it performs. They have the resources you need to help you make your selections: catalogues, finish samples, textiles, leather. They have the knowledge and training to help you spend your money wisely. They will execute the many phases of design to create the desired total environment. Their knowledge and their collaborative effort will be your assurance of a truly professional partnership.


If your plans involve the selection of furniture and accessories, the Susan Castor Collection does not charge for design time. All consultation time with contractors, architects and others, and all drafting time will be based on an hourly charge. All costs will be in writing before a project is put into production. A contract proposal and 50% deposit must be returned to the Susan Castor Collection before any work orders will be processed. The remaining balance is due upon completion of each contract. A Letter of Agreement detailing these policies must be approved by the client prior to the commencement of any design work.